Chancellor of KAUMS: Dr. Ebrahim Koochaki,M.D

 Associate Professor of Neurology


بالت Vice chancellor for Education
Homayoun Naderian, Ph.D, Associate Professor of Anatomy

بالت Vice chancellor for Foods and Drugs
Hamid Reza Banafsheh, Ph.D, Associate Professor of Pharmacology
بالت Vice chancellor for Health
Seyed Alireza Moravveji, MD, Associate professor of Social Medicine
بالت Vice chancellor for logistics
Mehrdad Farzandipour ,Ph.D, Associate professor Health Information Management
بالت Vice chancellor for Research & Technology
Gholam Ali Hamidi,Ph.D , Associate professor of Physiology

بالت Vice chancellor for Students and Cultural Affairs
Hamid Reza Gilasi, Ph.D, Assistant professor of Epidemiology
Mohammad Hajijafari, MD, Assistant professor of Aneasthesia