Kashan University of Medical Sciences

Kashan Faculty of Medicine, founded in 1986, became Kashan University of Medical Sciences (KAUMS) as an independent university in 1993. Now it has more than 2600 students who study in 47 undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the schools of Medicine, Nursing and Midwifery, Health, Allied Medical Sciences, and Dentistry. KAUMS has more than 1000 educational beds, nine specialized research centers, and four scientific journals. Performance of academic members, students, managers, and staff of the university in effective using of these facilities has enabled KAUMS to be recognized as a university “type I” by the Ministry of Health & Medical Education. 

    Fundamentals of the University:

Council of Trustees
It has its own specific regulations ratified by the Highest Council for Cultural Revolution (HCCR) and has 7-9 members. It's directed by the Minister of Health and Chancellor is secretary of the council.


The university chancellor is appointed by the minister of health after obtaining the approval of the HCCR.


Ebrahim Koochaki , Associate professor of Neurology. All of the responsibilities of the university in the fields of education research, cultural and students affairs, health and therapeutic affairs, financial and logistic affairs, national and international relations are carrying on under the direct supervision of the chancellor, and he is presenting these, as well as university proceeding plans, problems, and so on to the council of trustees, on a yearly based program.
    The chancellor has seven deputies working with him in the presidential board of the university.

Here is the list of vice chancellors of the university:

بالت Vice chancellor for Education,
بالت Abbas Taghavi Ardekani, MD, Associate Professor of Pediatric Gastroenterologist

بالت  Vice chancellor for Foods and Drugs
بالت  Mohsen Taghizadeh,Ph.D, Associate Professor of Nutrition Sciences

بالت  Vice chancellor for Health
بالت  Seyed Alireza Moravveji, MD, Associate Professor of Social Medicine

بالت Vice chancellor for logistics
بالت Hossein Nikzad, Ph.D,Associate Professor of Anatomy

بالت Vice chancellor for Research & Technology
بالت HamidReza Banafsheh, Ph.D, Associate Professor of Pharmacology

بالت Vice chancellor for Students and Cultural Affairs
بالت Hamid Reza Gilasi, Ph.D, Assistance Professor of Epidemiology

بالت Vice chancellor for Treatment
بالت Mohamamd Reza Hajijafari, MD, Assistance Professor of Anesthesiology


University council.

    It is the highest council of the university and is directed by the chancellor, Its members are:

  •     Members of the presidential board of the university,
  •     Deans of the faculties,
  •     Two members of each councils of university,
  •     Two academic members at associate prof, or prof. level,










Faculty of Medicine



Faculty of Health

Health Faculty

Faculty of Paramedicine

Paramedicine Faculty


Faculty of Nursing & Midwifery

Nursing & Midwifery of Kashan


Beheshti University Hospital

Beheshti Hospital


Kargarnejad University Hospital

Kargarnejad Hospital

Naghavi University Hospital

Naghavi Hospital

Matini University Hospital

Matini Hospital