dr banafsheh


Vice Chancellor for Food & Drug:

Dr. Mohsen Taghizadeh,Ph.D of Nutrition Sciences( taghizadeh_m@kaums.ac.ir )


Deputy Directors by the Food and Drug Administration Medical Science of kashan
  • Manager of Public Affairs: Dr. Nasaj
  • Manager of Supervision Medication and Drugs: Dr.Khayat Kashani
  • Manager of Monitoring food, cosmetics: Dr Namazi

Department of  food and drug to monitor medication and food, beverage, cosmetics were isolated and treated as one of the vice-chancellor of the University started its activities in 2006.
This Office also Control  Medications & Addictive Medicine .This office is responsible for making policies and offering pharmaceutical services within the city.
It I also responsible for controlling the distribution of narcotic drugs. Sections such as License Issuing, Narcotic Drugs Inspectorate, Pharmaceutical Broadcasting and Office of Complaints are subdivision of this controlling office.
Providing suitable resources and broadcasting, public training and constant observation on productions as well as following Islamic values and enjoying the ideas of scholars, The Deputy Office for Medicine & Food at kashan University of Medical Sciences, to the best of its ability assures the food and drink health and safety as well as medications and beauty and cosmetic products for everyone so that it ranks this university among the best at the end of Development 4th Program.

The major of this office are:
1. Policy making for offering pharmaceutical services within the city.
2. Distributing and controlling the consumption of narcotic drugs for hard to cure patients.
3. Distributing and controlling the consumption of narcotic and anesthetic drugs for hospitals within the city.
4. Controlling and supervising drugstores (private- at hospital)
5. License issuing for establishment of drug stores .
6. Expert job on confirming the requested location of drug stores .
7. Fulfilling the drug shortage to meet the patient or hospital needs.
8. Promoting the quality level of education and training for physicians, pharmacists etc by holding seminars and publishing posters and educational pamphlets.
9. Controlling the destruction of expired drugs as well as narcotic shells and milk powder coupons.
10. Providing rare medications needed.
11. Supervising alcohol for the applicant companies.
12. Following up the requests for the establishment or location change of drugstores as well as status change , transfer  and introducing technical manager and supervisor.
13. Distributing special drugs, subsidized drugs, narcotic drugs, controlled drugs and milk powder.
14. Maintaining health and security of food stuff, beverages, cosmetics, and sanitary products in the areas under the coverage of the university.
15. Supervising the production process of food stuff, beverages, cosmetics, and sanitary products with a tendency towards reducing the permission issuance office work.
16. Elevating the quality of food stuff, beverages, cosmetics, and sanitary products manufacture and supply centers, while increasing their technological and scientific knowledge levels.
17. Elevating scientific and practical potentials of the food and drug supervising system.
18. Promoting the quality of rendering services, and elevating the satisfaction levels of service receivers.