Vice Chancellor of treatment: Dr. Mohammd Hajijafari, Assistant Professor of Anaesthesia (M.D),

The duties of this section of health and treatment includes:

  1. Planning and provision of guidelines and strategies regarding the policies to handle out patient and inpatient clients Referring to hospitals as well as emergency services necessary to deal with medical services.
  2. Executing policies approved within the frame work of classified treatment services.
  3. Evaluating private and public Institution providing treatment services.
  4. Issuing license for institutions delivering treatment services.
  5. Issuing medical permit to operate a private office, to set a medical facilities, to operate a medical laboratory.
  6. Providing and distributing drugs and consumable and in consumable goods related to special category al patients (dialysis, hemophilia and thalasemia).
  7. Coordinating and supervising executive activities regarding the following units
  8. Arraign sessions and seminars at the state level with the executive persons in charge.
  9. Participation in internal on conference abroad.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Center (MRI)

    Considering the wide area coverage of Medical Services by Kashan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services including the cities of kashan, Natanz, Badrood, Aran, Bidgoal, Naragh, Delijan, Mahallat, and Golpayegan, the installation of MRI services was deemed necessary. MRI Machine, trade mark Tessa phillips made by Holand was purchased and installed in Naghavi Hospital.