The services of these deputy are classified under the following units:
Health education

    Conducting applied research regarding the needs for presenting health related work shops.
    Conducting workshops for the purpose of upgrading the knowledge of health personnel.

Family health

  • Care for mothers and infants.
  • Care for children under the age of 6.
  • Nutrition.
  • Family planning
  • Women and elderly

Prevention and fight against infectious diseases

  • Infectious disease and vaccination
  • Non infectious disease

Prevention and fight against Non communicable diseases

  • Screening  of Non communicable diseases
  • Care  of chronic diseases
  • Surveillance of  Non communicable diseases
  • Registering base cancer
  • Monitoring  and evaluation of programs

School (hygiene) health

  • Health education

             Design and evaluation of educational media
             Attract environments that support  health
             Health System Research

  • Vaccination
  • Health care

Environmental Health

  • Monitoring food production and distribution
  • Monitoring health of public places
  • Monitoring water safely and supply and wastage's
  • Monitoring and controlling insects, rodents, lose dogs
  • Monitoring and controlling the hygiene ol Hospitals, laboratories, private offices.

Occupational health

  • Monitoring harmful factors and safety at working environment
  • Monitoring disease due to the working condition
  • Education regarding the occupational health
  • Harmful substance control of physical, chemical, biological, mechanical, and psychological nature.

Dental health

  • Dental health of student
  • Census
  • Preparing data base for statistical purposes
  • Releasing statistical reports regarding various aspects of health and treatment concern.

Drug and Medical facilities
Education of Behwarz

  • Selection of qualified applicants
  • Re - education

Statistic Unit


  • Productivity of Information
  • Death registration
  • Executing program of health equity indicators
  • Consultation and corporation in national and regional research projects.