Central Library

Firstly incorporated inside the Nursing and Medicine libraries, the central library was established in 1987 in nursing campus. In 1995 the Medicine library officially separated from the Nursing library, continued its activity independently in the present campus of Medicine school. At present, central library has a precious treasure of more than 48619 copies of original books, 75 printed journals, 1675 CD's, 1153 theses, plus 1064 literature of research plans and 4600 E-journals, and this is why each affiliated school and hospital has its own separate and independent library, technically under the supervision of central library. (For more information, visit the website http://research.kaums.ac.ir).

Depending on the applicant's request, the central library provides two, direct and indirect, services. Apart from the direct services which includes the services for lending section and databases, the indirect ones are those activities indirectly related to the applicants (e.g. preparing, Compiling, indexing), see also website: http://research.kaums.ac.ir

Function Description:
-Compiling resource information, including electronic and printed books and journals, CD's and literature research plans for utilization of scientific board members, students, physicians, university and hospital staffs, through purchasing from internal and external publishers and book exhibitions

  • Organizing, indexing, listing and uploading of books, dissertation, literature of research plans, and CD's
  • Assessing and studying the requirements published and unpublished resources Supervising the affiliated departments and organizing their activities
  • Participating in affiliated departments technical affairs, completing and correcting their existing methods.
  • Lending books, journals, CD's and other resource
  • Offering medical digital information services
  • Cooperation with other information centers e.g local, national and urban libraries
  • Disposing educational workshops for better utilization of library resources