masoumeh Abedzadeh


Secretary: Masoumeh Abedzadeh ( )

Educational background: Assistant professor of  Midwifery



•    History
The committee started its official activity in 1998 with the main mission of following strategies of the Iranian Ministry of Health through enhancing the structral stabilization of the scientific-research institutes and affiliated departments. The first session of the committee was on Sep/1998 with the following participants:
Job description
1- Evaluating the scientific board member's request for compiling or translation based on the content
2- Making special files for each request
3-Obtaining the authority from the Iranian Ministry of Health (Information Office) to prevent redundancy
4-Declaring authors initial manuscript
5-Declaring the Ministry of Health (Information office) in the case of cancellation
6-Assigning the evaluator's comment for each the compiled manuscript
7- Assessing the evaluator's comment and final decision for publishing
8-Issuing the scientific certificate for each approved publication
9- Allocating the book evaluation fees
10-Assigning the publishing permission based on the acquired points
11- Familiarizing new translators and auditors with the discipline methods

1-Guiding applicants and answering their questions
2-Holding monthly sessions
3-Preventing of redundancy
4-Registering all process
5-Registering received applications from other universities
6- Regular recording of all session's lists
7-Documentation of the three issues of each compiled manuscript
•    Guidelines

Definition of the terms
Compiling: A process provided by an author using the help of other people’s opinions regarding a specific subject
Translation: A process consisted of converting the meaning of words, expressions and contents from the source (foreign language) to the second (native language) one
Collection: A process provided through collecting scientific materials from different sources, books or articles