masoumeh Abedzadeh


Secretary: Masoumeh Abedzadeh ( )

Educational background: Assistant professor of  Midwifery




  • History

The committee started its official activity in 1998 with the main mission of following strategies of the Iranian Ministry of Health through enhancing the structral stabilization of the scientific-research institutes and affiliated departments. The first session of the committee was on Sep/1998 with the following participants:

  • Members:

Vice chancellor for deputy of research, 5 scientific board members (Medical school, Nursing and Midwifery School, School of Health, Para medicine School), Secretary and office manager

  • Secretary: Masoumeh Abedzadeh

 Each member is selected for two consecutive years.

Job description
1- Evaluating the scientific board member's request for compiling or translation based on the content
2- Making special files for each request
3-Obtaining the authority from the Iranian Ministry of Health (Information Office) to prevent redundancy
4-Declaring authors initial manuscript
5-Declaring the Ministry of Health (Information office) in the case of cancellation
6-Assigning the evaluator's comment for each the compiled manuscript
7- Assessing the evaluator's comment and final decision for publishing
8-Issuing the scientific certificate for each approved publication
9- Allocating the book evaluation fees
10-Assigning the publishing permission based on the acquired points
11- Familiarizing new translators and auditors with the discipline methods

1-Guiding applicants and answering their questions
2-Holding monthly sessions
3-Preventing of redundancy
4-Registering all process
5-Registering received applications from other universities
6- Regular recording of all session's lists
7-Documentation of the three issues of each compiled manuscript

  • Guidelines

The aim of organizing the committee is to assess the relevant affairs for compiling, translating and publishing the outcomes of scientific and teaching process in medical sciences. Each related request should be approved in the committee and passed all steps of guidelines.

  • Definition of the terms

Compiling: A process provided by an author using the help of other people’s opinions regarding a specific subject
Translation: A process consisted of converting the meaning of words, expressions and contents from the source (foreign language) to the second (native language) one
Collection: A process provided through collecting scientific materials from different sources, books or articles