Head of the committee: Fatemeh Atoof ( atoof-fa@kaums.ac.ir )

This committee started its official activities in 1997.

 Main objectives of the committee are:

1- Providing an appropriate environment for students to train future researchers.
2- Suppling financial and emotional support for students’scientific activities
3- Holding the educational / research workshops and classes to make committee members capable in performing research.
4- Publishing and reporting the results of students research activities.
5- Developing the management skills and communications between students in order to train future research managers.


        Providing research culture among committee.Members our main mission ist hat all university should have eaual access to research facilities based on their interests and capabilities

Presented Services:

1- Holding scientific –research workshops
2- Providing scientific consultation
3- Publishing "Kankash" research journal
4- Research plan strategy and approval
5- Holding students congress and seminars
6- Providing students financial and emotional support for domestic or international presentations
7- Participating in domestic students’research committees for strategic decision making
8- Documentation of all students’research activities