Head of the departments: Rahmani, Hassan, Ph.D

     About Workshop affairs:
    Started its official activities in 1993, the department have held 35 teaching workshops for scientific board members under the management of DR. Asghar Rasouli Nejad - Later on, Mr. Hossein Akbary took over the responsibilities with expanded duties (Jan/1999-March 2008). More than 80 workshops mainly for scientific board members or university students were held in different subjects (research method, scientific writing, clinical practice etc.) Next managers Mr. Hossein Zilouchi (since March/2008-Aug/2008) and Mr. Karim Parastoui took the official manager responsibility since that time until present.

     The job descriptions:

        1- Describing the executive manager job description
        2- Describing the responsibility of scientific manager
        3- Describing workshop affairs correspondence.

     Research potentials

        This department hold different workshops (e.g. advanced research methods, scientific writing, informative workshops etc.)for all university faculties, staffs and students. All scientific members, staffs and students have free access to workshop team services (e.g. guidelines for proposal writing, research plans and scientific writing).


        A) Head of the departments: Rahmani, Hassan, Ph.D
        Job responsibilities:

            1- Managing the translation unit affairs
            2- Managing public relationship for deputy of research
            3- Delivery of staff welfare services for deputy of research

     Job description of workshop scientific manager:

        1- Evaluating and programming routines for holding basic and applied workshops
        2- Programming for holding basic and advanced research methods workshops
        3- Publishing final reports relating to workshop
        4- Participating in team work activities
        5- Assigning lecture to each speaker in the workshop

     Job description ( workshop executive manager)

        1- Issuing certificates
        2- Presenting scientific information regarding research methods to the lecturer
        3- Providing required materials and handouts for the research methods
        4- Answering the participants' questions