The Department of Environmental Health  Engineering (EHE) began in 1996 with the establishment of the School of Health in Kashan University of Medical Sciences. Before the year 1996, the educational and research activities of the Environmental Health Engineering Department (EHED) were  jointly conducted with the Department of Health and Social Medicine and With the establishment of the School of Health and educational departments, its activities are administered as an independent department.

The first admission for an environmental health technician with a capacity of 25 student was started in 1993and then, with the equipping of laboratories and workshops and the completion of the faculty members, the license for admission to BS ,MS andPhDstudent of EHEwas issued in 1996, 2008 and  2017respectively  by the relevant ministry.At present, the total student admission capacity for BS, MS and PhD corses is 35 students a year.

Subjects related to the EHE generally include topics related to water and wastewater, air pollution, solid waste disposal, insects and rodents control , and food hygiene. Therefore, the mission of the Environmental Health Department in addition to training the health specialist in local and national level, In order to carry out applied research related to the health issues and health problems of the industrial and desert areas in order to meet and promote environmental health indicators with emphasis on water and sewage treatment, air pollution control, solid waste collection and disposal, sanitary control of swimming pools and other public residence, food hygiene and water and energy saving management.


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