Faculty of Health


About us

To follow the strategies of the school of health in kashan university of medical sciences, it was established in 1997 with the aim of developing the health knowledge through promotion of the community health level. This goal was achieved through educating and researching in different fields of clinical health at a desert bed of Iran. In addition to these strategies and programs, the team working and collaborating with other sections of the country had an important role in this regard.

School Campus 

The campus was built up in an area of 3000 Square meters in 3 floors, at southwest corner of KAUMS complex. All school facilities, e.g. libraries and restaurant are located at basement; all classes, lecture hall, financial aid office, human recourses and faculties resting area in ground floor; library, informatics center, educational departments, chairman and deputies offices in the second floor.

Supporting the mission of Kashan University of Medical Sciences in the expansion of medical knowledge, introducing and developing the cultural fields through teaching and offering research services in the local / national areas are performed through
-Providing high standard education and research in health sciences
-Training creative graduates
-Preparing graduates to manage and implement the health programs in different Community levels

-Training the professionals in Public Health, Environmental, Occupational Health and the Control of Disease (Associate Degree) in formal day and night education system
- Training the professionals in different branches of health, Occupational, Environmental and Public Health ( Master’s Degree ) and Environmental Health ( Graduate & Postgraduate)
- Encouraging the students to research activities:   The school of health has powerful research facilities, (e.g. environmental and Occupational health laboratories, practical skills rooms, libraries, informatics Center and restaurant)

School educational departments
Public Health and Biostatics education
Environmental Health
Occupational Health
Epidemiology & Biostatistics
Health, Safety& Environment Management(HSE)

    Address: 5th of Qotb –e Ravandi Blvd. P.O.Box: 8715973449, Kashan, IRAN
    Tel: (+98-31) 55545155
    Fax: (+98-31) 55540111