The anatomy department of Kashan University of Medical Sciences established in 1987.  The department is active in two sections: Education and Research. In education section, the department trains undergraduate students in all faculties of KAUMS including: Medicine, Dentistry, Para-medicine, Hygiene, Nursing and Midwifery, and etc., also post-graduate students in Anatomy, Physiology, and etc. Investigations are done in Anatomical Sciences Research Center (ASRC) that manages by academic members of the department.  The educational facilities of the department such as dissection halls, hall of anatomic models have located in the department and research laboratories in ASRC. There are different labs from cell culture to molecular biology, histology, reproductive biology, and neuroscience. Main research programs are stroke, reproductive system, stem cells and anatomical education. At present six academic staff are active in the department with different levels (one Professor, four Associate Professor and one Assistant Professor).

The department of anatomy is admitting M.Sc students in anatomical sciences and receives training in a professional context. Currently, 35 M.Sc. students of anatomical sciences are admitted and 20 students have graduated in this department. 

Academic Members