History of the Department

The Department of Biochemistry and Nutrition at Kashan University of Medical Sciences was founded in 1986 and was one of the first departments which were established at the time of the establishment of the School of Medicine. This department is now more than 30 years old. In 2012 the Department of Clinical Biochemistry was established separately due the growing need of clinical biochemistry education in Medicine. This department located on the second floor of medical school, has 3 academic staff and 2 laboratory personnel.

The Department of Clinical Biochemistry has the responsibility of teaching clinical biochemistryto students of medicine, dentistry, Nutrition, hygiene, paramedics, and nursing & midwifery. It is also active in educating M.Sc. and Ph.D. students.


Vision and Mission

Vision: To achieve advanced proficiency in Clinical Biochemistryand to implement high quality systems in the affiliated clinical laboratories of the Kashan University of Medical Sciences

Mission: To provide under-graduate and post-graduate students with the high quality education and clinical training in all areas of the Clinical Biochemistry


Academic Staff

·         Fereshteh Bahmani, Ph.D, Associate Professor of Clinical Biochemistry, - Head of Department -,

Area of Research: Diabetes,( bahmani@kaums.ac.ir )

·         Esmat Aghadavod, Ph.D, Assistant Professor of Clinical Biochemistry,

Area of Research: Molecular biology. ( aghadavod@kaums.ac.ir )

·         Gholamreza Namazi, Ph.D, Assistant Professor of Clinical Biochemistry,

Area of Research: Lipids in health and diseases. ( namazi-gh@kaums.ac.ir )


Lab Staff

  • Zahra Jafari
  • Farzaneh Khalajee



Contact Information

·         Dr. Fereshteh Bahmani: Tel: +98 31 55540021-517, Fax: +98 31 55541112,

                                        Email: bahmani@kaums.ac.ir

·         Dr. Esmat Aghadavod: Tel: +98 31 55540021-517,

                                       Email: aghadavod@kaums.ac.ir

·         Dr. Gholamreza Namazi: Tel: +98 31 55540021-516,

                                         Email: namazi-gh@kaums.ac.ir