Department of Clinical Psychology:

The Department of Clinical Psychology with the aim of teaching and research in the field of clinical psychology was formed at the Faculty of Medicine in 2011. In addition to teaching to all medical sciences students, since 2012, with the approval of the specialty board of clinical Psychology, we educate postgraduate students. In this regard, the group currently has 3 faculty members. It should be noted that more than 60 research projects and the publication of about 70 researches in prestigious internal and external journals have been the result of the research activities of the members of this department. On the other hand, according to a Memorandum of agreement with the Pharmacology Department, the PhD degree in the field of addiction studies is one of the educational and research areas of the clinical psychology department.

Our mission:

The mission of the department is empowerment of human resources in counseling and psychotherapy, research in Psychological fields and using the latest scientific findings and applied concepts is to achieve the following general objectives:

1-      Training of Masters of degree in Clinical Psychology

2-      Training of PhD degree in the field of addiction studies

3-      Educational and research collaboration with the psychiatry Department for the training of psychiatric assistants

4-      Design and implementation of related research in the field of psychology and publish the results in valid journals

5-      To prepare lesson plans for all the relevant courses at different levels for effective training

6-      Teaching and guiding students for undergraduate and postgraduate theses

7-      Hold workshops and the theorization sessions

8-      Holding seminars and research congresses, especially in the area of the third wave of behavioral therapies







Associate Professor


Abdollah Omidi

-- Head of Department --

Assistant Professor


Morad Rasouli Azad

Assistant Professor


Zahra Zanjani