Medical Ethics Department

About Us

The department of medical ethics is a part of KAUMS and was established in 2017. It seeks to discover how to provide the most ethical care to patients and research subjects, to share this knowledge with physicians, students and researchers and to create standards of ethical care. The division's main activities involve teaching medical ethics for under and post graduate students of KAUMS and guiding research projects related to medical ethics as well as medical professionalism. The division of medical ethics offers a wealth of resources to the entire medical community including providing law & medical law principles, offering general and professional medical ethics, conducting medical jurisprudence, making ethical decision in medicine, offering ethics consultations service in health care administration and applying ethical principles for medical education and research.


- Sponsoring ethics teaching for KAUMS medical students, residents, fellows, faculty and staff
- Having responsibility for executing the educational integration of medical ethics, humanities, and humanism toward professionalism
- Conducting research in medical ethics and humanities pedagogy
- Teaching medical ethics to under and post graduate students of the KAUMS
- Guidance in research projects related to medical ethics and medical professionalism

We work to emphasize human dignity and social justices as we move toward the creation of healthier communities. There is a need to incorporate ethical reflection, dialogue, and practice into the life and work of the organization

Research Interest Areas
- Law & medical law principles
- Professional ethics
- General medical ethics
- Medical jurisprudence
- Ethical decision making  in medicine
- Ethics in health care administration
- Ethics in medical education and research
- Ethical observations  in relationship between physicians and patient
- Ethics in the beginning and end of life
- Medical ethics philosophy
- Informed Consent

Faculty Members

Assistant Professor Hamid Amiri, Ph.D. CV


Head of Department

Dr.Ali Saber (
5km of Qotb–e Ravandi Blvd. P.O. Box: 8715988141, Kashan, IRAN
Tel: (+98 31) 55240021()
Fax: (+98 31) 55541112

Administrative Officer