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Physiology is the study of normal function in body and how genes, proteins, organ systems interact to maintain health. Department of Physiology is dedicated to understanding fundamental physiological processes and translating these to clinical care.
The Department of Physiology and Pharmacology was founded in 1986 with the establishment of the faculty of medicine. The department was split into two separate departments, pharmacology and physiology in 2011. By establishment of Physiology Research Center in 2008, most research setups were transferred to this center.At present, the department of physiology is being led by Dr. Azhdar Heydari, as the head of the department and is being assisted by 6 academic members. Faculty members participate in a wide spectrum of education and research activities. The main activity of the department is teaching physiology to undergraduate students (medicine, dentistry, nursing, midwifery, operation room, anesthetics, laboratory sciences, health information technology, radiology, public health students), and M.Sc. students (medical physiology). Currently, there are 18 M.Sc. students which are educated with the highest standards of scientific teaching and research. In addition, academic staffs are involved in teaching other M.Sc. students (nursing, biochemistry, biophysics, anatomy, microbiology, parasitology) and Ph.D students (addiction studies). The practical physiology training is also conducted as the lab work in which the students get the familiarity with the experimentation of the different fields of physiology by supervising the academic staff and experts of the department.


- The mission is to provide an environment which improves leadership and excellence in learning and education of physiology in integrative manner with basic medical sciences in the faculty of medicine. In addition, the department of physiology educates and trains medical and graduate students and advances the medical knowledge through research and scholarly activities.


- The department of physiology in faculty of medicine is a leading department in the field of physiology in Kashan among medical universities of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The vision of this department is to provide excellent teaching and research activities for the medical, paramedical, and graduate students.


- The highest standards of scientific research and teaching
- Leadership in innovation in research and teaching
- Promotion of quality and quantity in education of undergraduate and postgraduate
- Establishment of Ph.D in medical physiology
- Active collaboration with the physiology research center
- Developing research works in the interests of community health, national welfare and giving priority to national research policies
- Targeting research works more related to the clinical research
- Expanding national and  international relations in research area
- Providing proper facilities to introduce the department of physiology of Kashan University of medical sciences as one of the leading research center in the field of neuroscience
Research Interest Areas
Interested Areas
- Electrophysiology
- Learning & Memory
- Neurodegenerative Diseases
- Probiotic Supplementation
Research Group
- Dr. Mahmoud Salami 
PhD Students
- Zahra Rezaei 
Interested Areas
- Pain
- Decision Making
- Learning & Memory
Research Group
- Dr. Gholam Ali Hamidi
Interested Areas
- Seizure
- Diabetes
- Isolated Organ Bath
Research Group
- Dr. Azhdar Heydari
Interested Areas
Learninig & Memory
Movement Neuroscience
Research Group
- DrAbolfazl  Arjmand 
Interested Areas
- Cardioprotection
- Addiction
Research Group
- DrGholamreza Ghavipanjeh
Stem Cells
Interested Areas
- Stem Cells
- Diabetes
- Isolated Organ Bath 
Research Group
- Dr Mahdi Noureddini


The educational facilities of the department include educational lab in department of physiology and research labs in Physiology Research Center. There are different research labs including electrophysiology, learning and memory,  pain, seizure and isolated organ bath labs.

Faculty Members

Administrative Officer

Shokoufeh Alvani,(