Infectious Diseases Department

About us

This group, as one of the major clinical education groups, was established in 1986.It works to improve the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of infectious diseases through research, education and training. It is responsible for providing compassionate and state-of-the-art medical care for patients with infectious diseases, training the next generation of infectious diseases physicians, performing cutting-edge research into a variety of infectious diseases, and providing leadership in the field. In addition to providing educational facilities for medical students, it is involved in post-graduate training of residents, Ph.D. and mastership students of microbiology in association with departments of microbiology and addiction studies.

In 1986, as one of the major clinical education departments, it was established with the help of Dr. Mahmood Khanbanpour (the first Kashan Infectious Disease Specialist).  The department initial location was in the current location of emergency center at city. Every year, this department is selected and honored as a top teaching department by the medical graduates. Since 2010, the department has succeeded to have the residency training program and having a large number of expert alumni are considered as one of the outstanding achievements of this department.


- Through education and research, we provide the foundation for high quality, cost effective, compassionate care in infectious diseases locally and regionally.


- To be a leader in the study and practice of infectious diseases



 Faculty Members:

Head of  Department:

Dr. Reza Razzaghi  ( )
5km of Qotb–e Ravandi Blvd. P.O. Box: 8715988141, Kashan, IRAN
Tel: (+98 31) 55540026  (5562)

Administrative Officer:

Zeinab Fakhri