Pediatrics Department

About Us

The department of pediatrics is one of the oldest clinical education groups at KAUMS. It works to provide leading edge clinical health care with 15 faculty members with different subspecialties (Pediatric Neurology, Pulmonology, Immunology and allergies, Gastroenterology, Nephrology, Hematology/Oncology, Infectious Disease, and Neonatology) who are dedicated to improve child health. It has a strong portfolio in clinical research and clinical trials. Physicians and staffs also have residency training programs as well as training medical students. In addition, the group has tried to provide high quality and comprehensive patient- and family-centered care, innovative teaching and groundbreaking research that impacts practice and policy. 


Through excellence and leadership to optimize the health & wellbeing of infants, children, and youth within the context of their families, this department tries to provide leadership training, experiential opportunities and mentorship to develop leaders equipped to make systematic and lasting improvements to child health. The training for program is integrated with the Pediatric Residency Program at KAUMS to include all components of clinical training to maintain the high standard of clinical care.


Our mission will be accomplished through the following practices:

- Comprehensive and complex clinical care at the highest level
- Dynamic education of professionals involved in pediatric health that puts the needs of learners first
- Innovative and transformative research in pediatric health at bench, at bedside, in clinics, and in population at large


Faculty Members      
Zaveh zad, Azadeh, M.D.
Mahdavi nia, Sohaila, M.D.

Head of Department: 

Dr, Davood Kheirkhah, M.D. (
5km of Qotb–e Ravandi Blvd. P.O. Box: 8715988141, Kashan, IRAN
Tel: (+98 31) 55540026 (5562)
Fax: (+98 31) 

Administrative Officer:

Zeinab Fakhri