Radiology Department

About Us

The department of radiology at KAUMS performs imaging studies and provides interpretations of those studies. The results of imaging tests help doctors make accurate and timely diagnoses. There is a highly experienced group of radiology technologists and radiologists. This group relying on modern diagnostic-educational technologies trains radiology residents and teaches theoretical, clinical and practical skills to medical and radiology bachelor students. There are extensive facilities across the clinical department, including 1.5T MRI machines, PET CT16-slices machines and digital radiography machines on which students undertake research.


To provide outstanding clinical care through expertise in medical imaging and interpretation, through innovation and advances in imaging research, and through excellence in teaching and mentoring.


- To be one of the best radiology departments nationally and internationally in providing timely, cost-efficient and high quality medical imaging and image-guided therapy services for a diverse patient population.
- To play a major and vital role in the education of trainees, conveying the important and critical function that medical imaging and image-guided therapy serves in improving the outcomes and advancing the care of patients. 
- To make significant contributions to the discovery of innovative imaging technologies and image-guided therapy that makes a difference for the enhancement of healthcare delivery.

 Faculty Members
Tabatabaie, Seyyed Mohammad Hossain, M.D.
Azad Bakht, Javid, M.D. 
Shaigani, Hamed , M.D.
Bahmanyar, Fatemeh ,M.D. 
Khorasanizadeh, Faezeh, M.D.
Head of  Department
Dr Hamid Reza Talari (  ) 
5km of Qotb–e Ravandi Blvd. P.O. Box: 8715988141, Kashan, IRAN
Tel: (+98 31)55540026 (5343)
Fax: (+98 31)
Administrative Officer