Ophthalmology Ward :
This part of the hospital presents services for eye patients. In-patient and out patient services are delivered by eye specialists.

Treatment services:
- Surgical
- Cornea transplantation (layer and penetrative)
- Radial keratotomy (PK)
- Axial keratotomy (AK)
- Surface keratotomy (SK)
- Cataract
- Fixo Emoulsification cataract
- Glocuma
- Vitre and routine operation
- Strabismus operation and reconstruction
- Lazer operation including Argon and yag

Ear, Nose, of throat ward:

In this part of the hospital patients repvirity ear, Nose, and throat treatment receive services in the form all in patient and out patient client.

Treatment services:

- Adenotosillectomy
- Septoplasty
- Mastoidectomy
- All typed of face fracture surgery
- Thyroid
- Surgery at Malignant and benign tumor of Head and Neck
- Rigid bronchoscopy
- Rigid Esophagealescopy
- Sinal Paranasal surgery
- Parathyroid surgery
- Lenoplasty