Emergency Medicine Department

About Us

The department of emergency medicine at the KAUMS is dedicated to delivering superlative patient care, providing an environment where training and education thrive and innovation and discovery are fostered. There are different models for emergency medicine internationally. In countries following the Anglo-American model, emergency medicine was originally the domain of surgeons, general practitioners, and other generalist physicians, but, in the recent decades, it has become recognized as a specialty in its own right with its own training programs and academic posts, and the specialty is now a popular choice among medical students and newly qualified medical practitioners. By contrast, in countries following the Franco-German model, the specialty does not exist and emergency medical care is instead provided directly by anesthesiologists (for initial resuscitation), surgeons, specialists in internal medicine, or another specialty as appropriate. In developing countries, emergency medicine is still evolving and international emergency medicine programs offer hope of improving basic emergency care where recourses are limited.


Why we’re here:

- To save lives through timely patient-centered emergency care driven by educational innovation and practice-changing research.

- To provide outstanding emergency care for our patients and others whom we serve. We accomplish these through excellence in clinical care, administrative stewardship, and strategic initiatives.


Where we’re headed:

- To be a world-class department, which not only trains outstanding emergency physicians, but also improves health outcomes for patients of all ages through influential research, high quality and cost efficient care, and the development of leaders in emergency medicine.