Dean: Dr. Mohammad Ali Atlasi, Ph.D of Anatomy, Associate Professor


Independent Pardis of Kashan University of Medical Sciences

In recent decades, according to permission of Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education some of Medical Universities in Islamic Republic of Iran have founded independent Pardis (the former name of independent Pardis was international brunches). Since Kashan University of Medical Sciences has suitable qualities, in 1392 it was allowed to found its Pardis in Aran – Bidgol city located near Kashan (15 km from Kashan). In first year it has accepted 45 students in medical courses and now (1395) more than 160 medical students and 10 Msc students are studding in Pardis. The students who are accepted in Pardis have to pass the annual entrance exam (Koncour) in Iran and also pay money for each term. The foreigner students are also studding in Pardis.

The schedule and curriculum of medical lesson courses are based on the main courses in Medical School of Kashan University of Medical Sciences. The departments and faculty members of Pardis are as those in the Medical school; Pardis has a small library, a laboratory, an anatomical models hall, education setting and other welfare facilities. The new Pardis building has established in 1394 with some suitable facilities. The Pardis staffs are the official staff of kashan University of Medical Sciences. The official authorities of Pardis are; Dean of Pardis, Educational and Research vice chancellor, General Manager, Educational and Welfare staffs.