Medical Physics and Radiology Department

About Us

This department aims to train students in medical physics (M.Sc.) and radiology (B.Sc.) to work in the radiology, radiotherapy and nuclear medicine departments of hospitals. The department has four laboratories including dosimetry lab (individual and ambient dosimeters), general physics (electricity and magnetism, mechanics, light, sound and heat), radiology (fixed and portable radiography, dental radiography and ultrasound), and qualitative control tests (Radiology, Mammography, CT scan and MRI). Recently, the dosimetry laboratory has been equipped with Thermoluminescent Dosimetry (TLD) and gel dosymetry systems. Hospital departments currently collaborating with the department on scientific and practical training include CT scan, MRI, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, angiography, radiology, bone density, crushing and radiotherapy.


- Extending of educational fields of  radiology and medical physics
- Acquiring and developing a talented, academic workforce
- Discovering innovative ways to advance  radiology and medical physics worldwide
- Collaborating with developed worldwide universities
Research Interest Areas
Research Group
- Dr. Akbar Aliasghrzadeh 
Interested areas:
- Radiation protection
- Radiobiology
- Dosimetry
Research Group
- Dr. Mehravar Rafati
Interested areas:
- Dosimetry
- Clinical Radiotherapy
- Imaging
- Laser
- Non-ionizing radiation
Research Group
- Dr. Mehran Mohseni
Interested areas:
- Radiobiology
- Molecular Biology
- Apoptosis Process in Radiotherapy
- DNA Repair
- Free Radicals Biochemistry
- Radioprotectors
- Radiosensitizers
Research Group
- Dr. Habiballah Moradi
Interested areas:
- Radiation Dosimetry
Research Group
Dr. Bagher Farhood
Interested areas:
- Radiotherapy Physics
- Clinical Radiotherapy 
- Ionizing Radiation Dosimetry (by polymer gel dosimeters, TLD, film, etc.) 
- Radiobiology 
- Monte Carlo Simulation


To cover the educational needs of students in Medical Physics and Radiology, this department has genral and advance laboratories (including dosimetric lab , general physics , radiology and qualitative control tests) in paramedicine faculty. This department has a license from Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) for quality control of diagnostic radiology devices. It also has a license from AEOI  for holding basic and advance courses in radiation protection.  

Faculty Members
Instructor Hamid Reza Malakoti Shad, B.Sc. in Radiology, M.Sc. in Management, CV

Head of Department

Dr. Mehran Mohseni, Ph.D in Medical physics
Dr.Habib Allah Moradi, Ph.D.
Ph.D in Medical physics
( &
Address: 5km of Qotb–e Ravandi Blvd. P.O. Box: 8715988141, Kashan, IRAN
Tel: (+98 31) 55548883 / (+98 31) (55540021 3632)
Fax: (+98 31) 55548883

Administrative Officer

Shaghayegh Shahramian, B.Sc. in Radiology, Secretary