Health Information Management and Technology Department

About Us

This department aims to educate specialized individuals at B.Sc., M.Sc. at health information technology  & Ph.D. levels in health information management for meeting health centers' needs and to train Ph.D. students for universities as academic members. Graduates of this field will be able to manage health information technology sector in all health care providers and play a role with using information technology in the area of ​​analyzing health indicators and designing, implementing and managing health information systems. Graduates from the graduate level in this field will be able to manage health information systems in order to produce quality information and to meet the needs of health system management levels in the country for important policy and decision making.


The group tries to predict the needs and take steps to achieve them. The members of the group, in an intimate atmosphere with proper planning, will continuously improve the quality of their science and services and consider being responsible to the university's people and authorities. To improve a supportive learning:

- Enhance curriculum in order to update pedagogical approaches
- Increase teaching collaborations within the department
- Enrich the departmental teaching resources
- Designate meetings for discussion of work-in-progress
The goals of this group are to train graduates who can do the following activities:
- Processing and managing health information data using computer hardware and software
- Identify and manage the information needs of users at different levels of the health system
- Collection, storage, retrieval, processing and interpretation of health data in order to improve health services
- Provide a health data sharing system to facilitate communication and decision-making in the health system
- Use of information technologies in the field of health
- Expanding knowledge of health care information based on education and research
- Directing the private sector interest in investing and working in the field of health and creating interaction for starting a business
- Improving the quality and quantity of health care services along with reducing costs
- Managing the expansion of diagnosis and treatment systems to deprived and remote areas of the country
- Dissemination of information-based health care in health care organizations
Research Interest Areas
Dr. Farzandipour, Mehrdad
- Electronic Health Record 
- Hospital Information Systems
- E-Health
Dr. Rangraz Jeddi, Fatemeh
- Hospital Information Systems
- Electronic Health Record
- E-Health
Dr. Meydani, Zahra
Dr. Nabovati, Ehsan
- E-Health and M-Health
- Decision Support Systems
- E-Learning


The educational facilities of the department such as health information technology specialized laboratory located in the department and Health Information Management Research Center (HIMRC). There are different educational facilities such as types of coding books, educational software includes a simulator of hospital information systems and hardware equipment such as laptops, tablets, video conferencing and networking training equipment.

Faculty Members




Head of Department

Dr. Fatemeh Rangraz Jeddi (
Ph.D. in health Information Management
5th of Qotb – e Ravandi Blvd. P.O. Box: 8715988141, Kashan, IRAN
Tel: (+98 31) 55548883
Fax: (+98 31) 55548883
Structure of the education
The undergraduate education of HIT in KAUMS is divided into eight periods. Each study period is followed by two exams containing theoretical and practical. The school year includes eight semesters: 130 credits. The postgraduate education of HIT in KAUMS is divided into four periods. Each study period is followed by two exams containing theoretical and practical. The school year includes four semesters. The first year consists of seven core and five noncore courses. The second year consists of four core and two noncore courses.The education finishes with the Master thesis work: 32 credits.
Administrative Officer
Mobarak, Zohreh, M.Sc. in Health Information Technology
Tel: (+98 31) 55548883

PhD students

Sadeqi Jabali, Monireh (
Farrahi, Razieh ( 
Tadayon, Hamidreza (
Abbasi, Reza (
Zare, Sahar (
Bagheri, Parissa (
Heydari, Safiyehsadat (
Kohzadi, Zahra (
Narjes, Mirabootalebi (
Anvari, Shima (
Sharif, Reihane (
Kafashi, Mojtaba (
Sara ghalaneh (
Ali Nikmaram (