Clinical Laboratory Sciences Department 

About Us

Building upon a foundation of biology and chemistry courses, the Clinical Laboratory Sciences (CLS) Program prepares students to enter the CLS profession through advanced hands-on training in the clinical laboratory sciences.Upon completion of the program and the achievement of certification and license, clinical laboratory scientists are employed in a variety of health-care settings as laboratory technologists, progressing to supervisory and management positions. A majority of students graduating with this degree work in clinical laboratories. Others work in research labs, reference labs, public-health labs, blood banks, crime labs, physicians’ office labs, and so on.

Research Interest Areas
Research Group
- Dr. Morteza Salimian
Interested areas: 
1- Laboratory Hematology
2- Transfusion
3- Platelet
4- Quality Assurance in Clinical Laboratory
Research Group
- Dr. Mahmood Saffari
Interested areas: 
1- Helicobacter pylori investigations
2- Antibiotic resistance in bacteria
3- Virulence factor in bacteria
Research Group
- Dr.Azam Samei
Interested areas: 
1-Investigation of immune responses in allergic disease
2-Cancer immunology
3-Immune tolerance
Research Group
- Dr. Mostafa Khedri
Interested areas: 
1- T cells function evaluation particularly, co-stimulatory and co-inhibitory signal production and evaluation
2-SELEX -Systemic Evolution of Ligands by Exponential Enrichment and methods for selecting therapeutics and diagnostics nucleic acid aptamer
3-The crosstalk between gut microbiome and immune responses
Research Group
- Dr. Somayyeh Ghutloo
Interested areas: 
1- Antigen-Antibody interaction
2- Antibody engineering
3- Autoimmunity
4- Infectious disease


Integrated laboratory-classrooms with flexible equipment and furnishing are implemented for supporting teaching and learning with laboratory experiences that are integrated into the flow of instruction. 

Faculty Members 

Assistant Professor Somayyeh Ghutloo, Ph.D CV.;

Head of Department

Assistant Professor morteza Salimian, Ph.D. 
Dr. Mahmood Saffari
Ph.D in Medical microbiology
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Administrative Officer
Malihe Sadat Lajavardi,
Afshin Salehi,
Mahbobeh Motafaker,