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About Us

Anesthesiology department is one of the educational departments of the school of allied medical sciences of Kashan University of Medical Sciences, which started its activity in 1992 with the admission of undergraduate anesthesia students. Since 2008, with the conversion of associate degree to a bachelor's degree, students' admission continued at this academic degree. The purpose of admitting anesthesia students is to train professional efficacious anesthetists in the field of anesthesia to be able to take care of patients under general and regional anesthesia during the perioperative period and be able to play a role in the anesthesia under the supervision of anesthesiologists. In addition, they can provide services to the community in the acute and chronic pain control units, medical emergencies, and critical situations. The expression of research ideas and research participation in the production of science and solving current problems is another goal of educating these students. 


- To improve an active learning, to be creative and initiative
- To increase teaching collaborations within the department
- To gain  relevant information and skills for optimal patient care
- To enrich the departmental teaching resources
Research Interest Areas
Clinical sciences  
Dr. mahdian, Mehrdad
- Trauma 
- Anesthesia
Dr. mahdian, Mehrdad
Medical Education  
Dr. Mirhosseini, Fakhrasadat
- Mentorship
- Instructional Design
- Leadership-Management
- Curiculum development
Clinical sciences  
Dr. Mirhosseini, Fakhrasadat
- Anesthesia

Dr. Hasanshiri, Fatemeh

- Open heart surgery


Dr. Hasanshiri, Fatemeh

-Psychological care


To cover the educational needs of students in Anesthesiology, there is a practical room with an area of more than 150 square meters on the basement of the faculty, which is equipped with various devices and mannequins to teach the basics of nursing and anesthesia before students enter the real teaching fields. Students also take internships at four university hospitals.

Faculty Members


Head of Department

Dr. Fatemeh Hasanshiri Nursing
Address:5th of Qotb – e Ravandi Blvd. P.O. Box: 8715988141, Kashan, IRAN
Tel:  (+9831) 55540021(3631)
Fax: ( +98 31) 55548883

Structure of the education

The course of continuous anesthesiology has been running in the school of allied medical sciences since 2008. 132 theoretical and practical courses are offered during the eight and a half academic years. According to the educational calendar, in the seventh and eighth semesters, students are only present in the clinical fields. Course evaluations are also planned and implemented theoretically and practically for different courses.
Administrative Officer
Zahra  Rahimi Moghadam, M.Sc. of critical care nursing
Tel:  (+9831) 55540021(3631)