Transformation & Innovation in Medical Education

Development of knowledge for Health Information Technology and medical informatics

Special assignment of the seventh logistic region of health education 


Following the advent of the packages of development and innovation in medical science education and the determination of the logistic areas and assignment -centeredness of the university and determining the "development of knowledge for information technology and health information and medical informatics" as a special assignment of KAUMS, extensive activities were carried out at the university level. The projects developed in the course of implementing the special assignment of health information technology development were planned in 3 steps. At the moment, the projects are completed in step one and have the following outputs:

  • Launching the physical environment of the specialized laboratory of clinical information systems, identifying and installing clinical information systems, simulator software and other necessary software on the server and making it possible to access the Internet.
  • Drafting a revised educational curriculum for bachelor of health information technology, its design in the board of directors and final approval.
  • Providing hardware and software infrastructure and offer educational assistance to design and set up a large data storage center and data mining lab.

A special assignment to develop knowledge of health information technology and medical informatics is preparing for the next steps.


Titles for all of the proposed projects for the development of Health Information Technology (HIT) and Medical Informatics


Proposal Title


  Design, implementation, and evaluation of health information technology and medical  informatics laboratory


  Revise the curriculum of health information technology and medical informatics

  Design, implementation, and evaluation of health data center and health data mining  laboratory

  Design and produce electronic content for health information technology and    medical informatics courses


  Design curriculums for new interdisciplinary scientific fields (e.g. nursing informatics)

  Design and accomplishment of capacity building programs for faculty members of  health information technology and medical informatics fields in Iran


  Create skills building center to train health information technology and medical  informatics proficiencies