- Training human resources to provide & enhance physical, mental, social, and public health
    - Providing justice in the provision and distribution of educational services and research
    - Obtaining the highest customer satisfaction
    - Achieving a solid scientific base and increasing the share of the faculty in the production of the scientists as well as researchers
       in different fields of medicine
    - Taking part in international research programs
    - Influencing the management and policy makers of the country's education system

The mission of the school is summarized in a slogan as follows:

“We are going to train students who will, hopefully, be superior to their tutors and professors as professionals."


On the 1404 horizon, medical school intends "to be a transformative community where students become leaders in the delivery of excellent, compassionate health care, partners in the crafting of health policy, and champions of public health; where scientists, health care providers, and the public collaborate to translate research into real health benefits and where achieving health and health care equality is a common goal". Playing a role as one of the entrepreneurial universities to develop and promote the health of community in the best way possible for Islamic Republic of Iran is our foremost perspectives.

Medical school of KAUMS will be
“one of the five top schools among its peers in providing high quality educational services”
in the next five years.


The Faculty is committed to provide its educational services as follows:

o   Maintaining and respecting human dignity to perform organizational duties and responsibilities
o   Providing excellence and accountability in conducting of education, research, patient care, and community engagement
o   Coherence and coordination inside and outside the organization
o   Providing high quality, respectful, compassionate and patient-centered healthcare services for everyone
o   Promoting the health of the society by educating the diversity of health professionals, leaders and scientists
o   Developing resources and facilities for effective education
o   Providing excellent and compassionate medical care