Dean's Welcome Message


Congratulations on your decision to study at KAUMS. Here, the objective is to provide advanced education and research opportunities for students to achieve the best experience throughout education time. We are extremely proud of the unique atmosphere on our campus and know it will make your time a memorable one. Our educational programs and curriculums, both in English and Persian, consist of a broad variety of medical and paramedical disciplines which pursue your further education.

In the faculty, with the mission “we are training students who will, hopefully, be superior to their tutors and professors as professionals". We organize our education in close cooperation with the modern and equipped research centers and affiliated educational hospitals to ensure you will be skilled in the fields of study when you are graduated.

KAUMS offers a range of study options for students seeking world-class education in undergraduate and postgraduate levels and has the best educational environment among its peers that aimed to flourish talent and to equip students with abundant skills for achieving more academic successes for 21st century careers.

Located at the heart of Iran, the cradle of civilization, we encourage you to take the opportunity to travel and discover more Kashan, its ancient and historical places. We wish you enjoyable working opportunities as well as a good sense of being here and look forward to meeting you later this year, "Join us in shaping the future".

Esmaeil Fakharian, M.D.
Professor of Neurosurgery
Dean of Medical School
Kashan University of Medical Sciences (KAUMS)