Study Options at Medicine School 

The School of Medicine at KAUMS consistently is ranked among the top Iran medical schools. It is organized by 30 departments, where you can choose from more than 7 master’s programs and 7 Ph.D. programs in medical basic sciences as well as more than 12 residency programs in clinical sciences part. These programs present an opportunity for students to obtain degree with the highest standards. The number of places for each program is limited and admission is highly competitive.


Doctor of Medicine 

If you have aspirations to become a doctor of medicine (M.D.), then our medical school is the perfect place for you. Established in 1987, it is committed to educate and prepare physicians for the medical opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in patient care, teaching, research and service. Our department is well linked to affiliated hospitals, clinics and other related research centers to provide medical students with the opportunity to acquire all essential practical skills. Graduates are recognized nationally for extraordinary clinical skills, communication, empathy and commitment to service. All prospective students who fulfill program requirements are encouraged to apply. 

 - Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)

Residency Programs

The departments of medicine offering several specialty areas now have programs that advance your medical knowledge and help you develop as a health care professional. Here, you can find a program where you are motivated to learn and  become outstanding and also feel happy in your future work. Medical specialties programs enrich the robust research environment and including the very competitive fields of pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, internal medicine, general surgery, psychiatry, anesthesiology, infectious diseases, radiology, pathology, neurology, neurosurgery, and orthopedics. With an undergraduate degree, you can seize the opportunity of favoring a higher academic training by participating in our specialty programs. After completing residency, you will become a confident physician to provide excellent patient care, improve one's health, develop your skills, prepare to deliver cutting-edge care services, build on your knowledge and pursue more success in your field. If you are interested in pursuing an advanced residency degree in one of the clinical science departments, we offer the following residency programs:

 - Pathology

 - Orthopedics

 - Anesthesiology

 - Neurosurgery

 - General Surgery

 - Internal Medicine

 - Radiology

 - Psychiatry

 - Obstetrics and Gynecology

 - Infectious Diseases

 - Pediatrics

 - Neurology

Basic Sciences Bachelor's Program

Nutrition is a fascinating science. Food, nutrition and health are fundamental to wellbeing at every stage of life. The nutrition bachelor program is designed for individuals who wish to improve their educational background and training in order to learn how to make improvements for individuals, communities and entire populations. Students of bachelor degree in nutrition program typically also acquire technical skills that are necessary for working in the healthcare industry. During this program, you can have more contribution experiences with other professionals. This program corresponds to four years of full time studies and after graduation students can proceed to a working career or continue to study a master's level. All prospective students who fulfill program requirements are encouraged to apply.

 - Nutrition Science

Basic Sciences Master's Programs

Being unique among various M.Sc. degree programs of  the graduate schools, the interdisciplinary Master of Science in Basic Medical Sciences is offered in a special two-year track. Our master programs are designed for individuals who wish to improve their educational background and training in order to fulfill pre-professional and other career advancement goals.  In addition to making significant investment in one’s professional career, students also develop valuable personal skills and accomplish a crucial prerequisite to Ph.D. study. If you are interested in pursuing an advanced degree in one of the basic science departments, we offer the following master’s degree programs:

 Anatomical Sciences 

 - Physiology

 - Medical Parasitology

 - Medical Microbiology

 - Medical Biochemistry

 - Clinical Psychology

 - Clinical Nutrition

Basic Sciences Ph.D. Programs

Our Ph.D. programs foster an environment of collaboration and interaction between students and researchers, among scientific disciplines and across the theoretical, scientific and clinical disciplines. Here, we are dedicated to graduate training and are committed to providing a highly interactive atmosphere in which students will thrive as tomorrow's science and research leaders. The medical school offers students with a master’s degree or equivalent the opportunity to complete a doctoral degree (Ph.D.). This program corresponds to five years of full time studies. If you are interested in pursuing an advanced degree in one of the basic science departments and have completed an education level equal to a master's degree, planning to enhance your academic life, we offer the following Ph.D. programs:

 - Addiction Studies 

 - Applied Cell Sciences

 - Medical Bacteriology

 - Trauma

 - Neurosciences

 - Stem Cells