Performance of Education  Development Office for the Allied School of Medical Sciences

The first semester 93-94

1.      Organizing workshops on ethics in medical education, designing a good educational process, features of a good mentor, work-based, and PBL
2.      Present feedback on the results of service evaluation to training departments and set priorities for work based on results
3.      Present the evaluation results of the professors sent from EDC to the professors.

The first semester 92-93

  • Review offield internship programs of the faculty training departments
  • Follow up lesson plans for the second semester 93-92 and present it at the faculty's site
  • Assessment of the faculty advisers
  • Collaborating on designing the method of sample faculty assessment.
  • Collaborate on selecting a sample master in accordance with the process of determining the sample master
  • Identifying and Introducing Brilliant Talent Students
  • Leading and encouraging faculty members to attend workshops related to the development of education
  • Participating in the 15th Yazd Medical Education Conference and presenting 14 articles in lectures and posters
  • Check out the logbooks of internship for all faculty departments
  • Case study of lesson plans in faculty departments and making changes as needed
  • Planning to hold regular and quality examinations at the end of the semester by the Examinationsbureau of the faculty
  • Planning a coordinated program of mid-term exams within the time frame set by the faculty's departments in order to organize and provide appropriate feedback to students.
  • Coordination for correcting test papers by emending device of the education and present the feedback of exam questions to the faculties.

The second semester 92-93

  • Assessing the quality of providing services to students, including preparing a form for evaluation, distribution and completion of questionnaires, and analyzing and reporting to the faculty (February and March)
  • Assessment of the faculty advisers
  • Sample professor selection (Assessment of Professors Completed Forms)
  • Setting up an operational plan for year 1394
  • Designing students' skills assessment for graduates
  • The necessary measures to prepare a satisfaction form of the faculty services in the form of a box and a special form

Year 1391

The assessment of computer science and information technology offered in the bachelor of information technology includes:

Introduction to operating systems and applications
Data structure and computer programming
Computer network and security
Health information technology 1
Health information technology 2
Health information technology 3
1.In this regard, the following actions were taken:
Examining the headings by the professors of the study group
Development of questionnaire for awareness survey based on the evaluation of the headings
Conducting a survey of students on computer and information technology courses
Conducting an awareness survey of students in relation to computer and IT courses in accordance with the headings and results of the survey and review of the headings.


2.Holding required workshops (one day in 8 hours) according to the results of surveys and awareness survey with titles as follows:

  • Getting familiar with the operating systems and applications for undergraduate incoming students of 88 and 89, separately
  • Workshop on computer networks and security systems for bachelor incoming students of 88 and 89
  • Workshop on familiarization with operating systems and applications for bachelor incoming students of 88 and 89
  • SQL workshop for graduate students
  • Computer network workshop and security specially for undergraduate students
  • SQL workshop for bachelor incoming students of 88.

3.Establishing EDO teams and issuing notifications for members
4.  Holding three sessions of the evaluation team and modifying exams assessment forms and evaluating lesson plans.
5. Performing an assessment to determine the extent to which lessons are included on the website
6.Performing student surveys on how to implement the lesson plan
7. Organizing a training program team meeting and defining EDO tasks
8. Forming a research team meeting
9.Formation of the faculty members' development team and design of the educational needs assessment
10. Obtain the views of faculty members about their educational needs
11. Evaluate exams
12-Extract the evaluation data of the exam using the SPSS program
13-Extract the evaluation data of the lesson plan using the SPSS program
14- Announce the results of the assessment of the lesson plan to faculty and faculty directors
15. Send a letter to the head of departments to submit updated designs
16. Introducing new faculty members to participate in teaching methods workshops, student assessment, and question design.