Since 75/76, when the allied school of medical scienceswas transferred to the current location, the department's staff sought to provide the books needed for the departments of education at the school, and since 1379, with using trained and experienced staff, the coherence and order of the school was increased. With increasing number of clients and lack of space for maintaining the required books and providing services to the clients, in April 1386 the library of the school of health was merged into the new building in the library of the allied school of medical sciences. Currently, the library of the school of health and the allied school of medical sciencesprovide services to health and paramedical students in a total area of ​​320 square meters in the second floor of the school of health and the allied school of medical sciences.
  • Departments and services of the library of the allied school of medical sciences.
  • Storage and book depositorysection

Currently, in this section, there are 19700 volumes (17371 Persian volumes and 2228 Latin volumes) and 300 titles of CDs. Books in the library are stored based on the method of N.L.M (medical books) and L.C (non-medical books). The library's storage is packed in shelves. This means that clients can choose their book through source systems and get their books by handing the book specifications to the librarian. To find out the exact location of the book and find it faster, those clients can get help from the search link (search guide) on the university site.

Clients can use computer search to find out if their books are part of the library's purchased book. And if the book is purchased for the library, is it available at the library at present, or if it is loaned, the clients can also know the exact location of books on the bookshelf, and if the book is on loan, they will know the date of the book's return.
How to use a computer to search for resource resources is not a problem, and students can do this by reading the resource guide and with the help of the librarian. It is obligatory for a book to be accompanied by a membership card, and each person must personally refer to loan the book.

Library Manager
Dr. Zahra Batooli 
Ph.D. of information and knowledge sciences, University of Tehran

Book Lending Rules

Collection section

The task of selecting, ordering, preparing and registering all library resources is the responsibility of this section. As a result, with the information needs of students and faculty members, they try to obtain the requested resources through purchases from bookstores, exhibitions, and more.

List section

Listing the Persian and Latin books is one of the activities of this section

Preparation section

The stamp, turning attached,pocket books and arraying are the duties of this section.

Thesis section

Master's thesis on environmental health, health management, safety and environment and health information technology is available in the library. The undergraduate students' projects of medical records and professional health are also kept in this section.

Access to magazines and eBooks

Access to active databases is possible through the following link

Active databases

Use of electronic resources purchased by the university through LAN and off-campus through VPN Server

In order to facilitate access and optimum use of electronic resources purchased at the university, the statistics and information technology center of university, in collaboration with the university's research vice-chancellor, has launched a remote access system through the VPN server. All faculty members, graduate students (university professors and researchers with a letter from the research vice chancellor) can refer to the following links and get their username and password.

More information

- Registration link

- Get the appropriate connection to install and use resources for non-university users

After downloading the connection, remove it from the compressed state and save it to your desktop. Then double-click the icon and enter your username and password.

- Reading room

Now the library has two separate study rooms for sisters and brothers. The capacity of the women's study hall is 60 women and 80 men. Sister studying room time is from Saturday to Wednesday until 20:00 and brothers' time is from Saturday to Tuesday to 15:45.

It is worth mentioning that the library's reservoir is open from Saturday to Tuesday from 8:00 am to 15:45 pm, and on Wednesdays and Thursdays, at the office hours, it is ready to provide services to the dear clients.

- Get the introduction file of the library of the paramedical faculty


The list of the books in the library of school of allied medical sciences of Kashan University of Medical Sciences in terms of educational groups


list of books in the department of radiology –medical physics

  • list of books in the department of laboratory sciences  
  • list of books in the department of health information management and technology
  • list of books in the department of anesthesia


Access to more than fifty titles of clinical reference books from the 2019 edition was provided

Access to more than 50 clinical reference books from the 2019 edition of the Clinical Key publisher in the source system and directly provided at for the School / Medical Sciences Universities of the country.

Launching the new digital library site

The new digital library site was launched with new features such as the question of the librarian and the guide to accessing electronic resources


List of library softwares


civil engineer




electrical engineering




chemistry technology








home economics








general hygiene




internal medicine


financial management, insurance


infectious diseases




respiratory system


life skills, population


skeletal system


english language




mathematics and computer science


blood and lymph




digestive system




nervous system








anesthetics and surgery






immunology, microbiology






medical documents


general engineering




environmental health engineering




Trial access of the medical science universities to the data base, DynaMed plus

Trial access to the DynaMed Plus collection, which is a clinical decision reference source similar to the Up To Date, is available at until 2017 at the University of Medical Sciences.

The process of performing library services at the Faculty

  • Process of the joining
  • Book lending process
  • Book preparation process
  • The process of ordering Persian editions
  • The process of purchasing Latin journals
  • The process of purchasing electronic resources
  • Book purchase process
  • Theses and research projects
  • Book cataloging
  • Order and buy a CD

Compilation book list of the faculty members
Introduction to KAUMS performance databases

- Compilation and writing

  • Compilation: Reza rezaii, Fakhrosadat Mirhoseini, faculty member of the anesthesiology department

- Health information management standards

  • Compilation: Seyyed Jamalodin Tabibi, Farbod Ebadi Fardazar, Reza Safdari, Abazar Hajavi, Zahra Medani, faculty member of  the health information technologydepartment
  • Publisher: Ebadifar
  • Year of publication: 1383 

- Basic Principles of Radiation

  • Translation: Dr. Akbar Aliasgharzade, Dr. Mehran Mohseni
  • Publisher:Morsal     
  • Year of publication: 1384

- Principles of medical documentation

  • Compilation: Dr. Mehrdad Farzandipour, Dr. Fatemeh Rangerz Jeddi, Reza Rabiee, Hale Ayatollahi, Faculty Members of the Health Information Technology department
  • Publisher:Morsal     
  • Year of publication: 1384

- Comprehensive Disease Coding Guide Based on ICD-10

  • Compilation: Leila Shahmoradi, Maryam Ahmadi, Dr. Zahra meidani, Marzieh Maraji, Abbas Sheikh Taheri, Maryam Brabadi
  • Member of  the faculty of  health information technologydepartment
  • Publisher: Jafari
  • Year of publication: 1389

- International Classification Guidelines for the Outcome of Diseases based on ICF and ICIDH

  • Compilation: Reza Safdari, Dr Zahra meidani, Niloofar Mohammadzadeh, Member of the faculty of health information technology department
  • Publisher: Mir Mah
  • Year of publication: 1386

- Medical Unit Language: Electronic Health Record

  • Compilation: Reza Safdari, Dr. Zahra meidani, Elham Pertouli Pour, Member of the faculty of health information technology department
  • Publisher: Jafari, Avaye Zohoor
  • Year of publication: 1387

- Management Information Systems (concepts, structure, development and evaluation)

  • Compilation: Dr. Farahnaz Sadooghi, Dr. Zahra Meidani, Abbas Sheikh Taheri, Leila Shahmoradi
  • Member of the faculty of health information technology department
  • Publisher: Jafari
  • Year of publication: 1389
- Post-anesthetic care
  • Compilation: Mr. Hamid Reza Seiedi, Member of the faculty of anesthesiology department 
  • Publisher: Morsal
  • Year of publication: 1390