The Strategic Plan of  Biochemistry and Nutrition in Metabolic Diseases R.C


During recent decades, despite increasing findings on non-contagious diseases and the approved role of biochemistry as well as nutrition in the initiation and progression of such diseases, the sciences of biochemistry and nutrition have become particularly important. Hospitals are also mainly involved in metabolic-associated disorders, such as diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and obesity. Despite significant advances in medical sciences, our country, unfortunately needs to go further on the applied biochemistry and nutrition. This can be assessed only with the collective efforts and serious supports of the authorities of the ministry, university and faculty. Obviously, the cost and attention in this sector is to invest in disease prevention at the initial level, and naturally, it will not be too honorable to give early results to the authorities.
The Research Center for Biochemistry and Nutrition in Kashan University of Medical Sciences is a subset of Research and Technology Department of Kashan University of Medical Sciences. To expand fundamental, applied research and to provide solutions for health and medical problems, biochemistry and nutrition research center for metabolic diseases at Kashan University of Medical Sciences was approved by the Council of Medical Sciences of the Universities of the Ministry of Health on July 7, 2012. The founders established the center to provide an area for applied research and also an exchange of ideas on biochemistry and nutrition sciences.

The five-year strategic plan has been developed to achieve goals such as gaining and exploiting researchers' experiences, increasing efficiency of unused capacities, eliminating duplication, developing research culture in institutions, community beneficiary groups and policymakers, coordinating human, financial and physical resources, helping the training of expert human resources, providing easy access to information with a new attitude and looking at new scientific developments. We hope that these effective goals be consistent with the 20-year vision of the country.


Using science and technology and committed scholars with high academic ability aiming at raising the community health level, biochemistry and nutrition research center, as a leading center, is committed to institutionalizing science, training professional and labor force, supporting the conduct of modern research, supporting applied and productive activities in the field of biochemistry and nutrition in the health system, continuous improvement of quality and innovation in research activities.


          We will have a pattern of knowledge, innovation, and dynamism in biochemistry and nutrition researches that have nationally acclaimed a prestigious position.


1. The head of the research center
2. The staff of the research center
3. University-affiliated hospitals and the educational centers and colleges
4. Health centers and networks
5. Students
6. Other research centers of the university
7. The Ministry of Health and Medical Education

Internal stakeholders

1.    PeopleThe ministry of health and medical education-affiliated organizations (Wellness, Red Crescent, Blood Transfusion Organization, Legal Medicine)Non-academic institutions involved in health (hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, NGOs, charities, rescue committees, counseling centers, insurance organizations, traditional medicine centers, medical systems)Non-medical universities and other research centers
2.    Industries and factories