Statute of Social Determinants of Health 
Research Center

Article 1. In order to developing research and providing a solution in health matters and in accordance with this Statute, Social determinants of health research center referred to in this Statute as the Research Center, has been agreed principally for the purpose of achieving the following objectives.

Article 2-Objectives
1- Development and application of human knowledge in the field of science
2-  Performing Epidemiological and clinical research in order to improving the view of providing health services in order to meet the needs of the Islamic society.
3- Collection, adjustment and classification of the documents, articles and relevant documents and their publication
4. Teaching researcher in this field
5. Encouragement, Persuasion and Involvement of Researchers
6. Efforts to attract attention and cooperation of relevant research and development centers within the country
7. Scientific cooperation with the research and educational centers of other countries and international organizations in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Article 3. The pillars of  the Center are:
A-Supreme  council
B- Center President

Article 4. The members of the High Council of the Center are:
1- Head of Kashan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services
2. Research Deputy of Kashan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services
3. Deputy of Health Affairs of Kashan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services
4. Head of the Center
5- Three members of the faculty with the suggestion of the head of the center and the approval of the head of the university

Article 5. The duties of the Supreme Council of the Center are as follows
1- Approve the Center's Research Policy
2- Approval of cooperation projects with other universities and research institutes of internal and external countries and international organizations in accordance with the relevant regulations.
3- Review and approval of annual report of the Center's activities
4. Review and approval of the annual budget of the Center in the area of allocated credits and observance of legal regulations.
5- Approval of guidelines on the affairs of the Supreme Council and the executive directives of the Research Center
6- Suggestion  of center organization
Note: The Supreme Council's approvals will be based on policies and in coordination with the Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

Article 6. The head of the Center shall be appointed at the suggestion of the High Council of the Center and the order of the President of the Medical Sciences University once every four years, and re-election is permitted.

Article 7. Duties of the Head of the Center:
The head of the center is the highest executive authority of the center and perform duties and affairs about the legal regulations and resolutions of the High Council.

Article 8. Members of the Center: The Center has two types of members as follows:
A) Continuing members: The members of the faculty and full-time experts of center
B) Affiliated Members: Members of the faculty of  other departments of the University of Medical Sciences or other universities and higher education institutions.

Article 9. Funding of the Center:
A) Revenues from services of the Center in accordance with legal requirements
B) Gifts of natural and legal persons
C) Governmental credits in case of allocation

According to the 224 approval dated February 23 , 1392  ... Council for the Development of Medical Universities, this Statute was adopted in nine articles and one note.
Obviously, if according to the rules of the executive instruction how to obtain the license to establish medical research centers (state-non-governmental) and how they are evaluated approved  ...................... Council of Universities expansion , The centers in the foreseeable future will not be able to obtain final approval, This Statute will be ineffective.
Dr . Mohammad Hasan Tarighat Monfared                                       
Minister of Health