Physiology Science Research Center
About us

Physiology Science Research Center is an organization which is affiliated to Physiology Research Center, Kashan University of Medical Sciences, Kashan, Iran, and was established in 2009 by Dr. Mahmoud Salami Zavareh as a research center for Physiology and Neuroscience.

In fact, in order to extend research and providing solutions in health and treatment affairs and promoting the academic knowledgeabout physiology science, the permission for the establishment of Physiology Research Center (PRC) affiliated to the Kashan University of Medical Sciences was approved in 2009 by the Expansion Council of the Medical Disciplines in the Iran Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education.


1- To develop and apply the academic knowledge of physiology.
2- To implement the fundamental epidemiologic and clinical researches towards solving the problems of the health system and providing services in response to community needs.
3- To collect, arrange and classify the documents, scientific papers and their publication.
4- To train the multipotential self-motivated researchers in the field of physiology.
5- To train, encourage and employ researchers in the field of physiology and allied health/medical sciences
6- To extend the scientific research/educational cooperation with other research centers/ organizations in the domestic and overseas scales based on the regulations of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

To develop, expand, disseminate, promote and improve physiology, neuroscience research and scholarly activity among scientists, educators, clinicians and students.

Research Areas

- Memory and learning    
- Seizure   
- Pain    
- Cardiovascular

Main Activities

Main activities include:
- Design and implementation of research projects
- Approval and dissemination and publication of research findings
- Conducting fundamental research with the aim of expanding the knowledge boundaries
- Providing guidelines on relevant topics based on research results
- Achieving new and advanced diagnostic & therapy technologies
- Clinical and community-based research aimed at promoting community health
- Expansion of scientific communication with national and international research centers
- Collaboration with international scientists

Other activities

  • Holding workshops
  • Organizing symposiums
  • Holding educational courses 
  • Contributing to product-oriented projects

Research Center Units

At the present, located research collections at this center, as follows:
1-Electrophysiology setups:
a- In vivo field potential recording (2 sets)
b- In vitro field potential recording
2-Behavioral setups:
aMorris Water maze
bElevated plus maze                 
cRadial maze
dInhibitory avoidance setups (Step-through, step-down)
3-Pain setups:
aVon Frey test
bPlantar test
c- Formalin test
4- Kindling setups (chemical, electrical)
5- Animal models of stroke (MCAO, …)
6- Isolated tissue setup
7- Movement, locomotor and balance setups (rotarod, open field, beam walking, …)
8- Cell culture
9- Molecular setups (PCR, Western blot, IHC, ISH)
10- Cardiovascular setups (ischemic-reperfusion, …)

Research Center Members  (Faculty & Staff)

Dr. Mahmoud Salami Zavareh, Physiology, Full Professor

Dr. Seyyed Alireza Talaei, Neuroscience, Associated Professor
Research Council members:
Dr. Azhdar Heidari,Physiology,Associated Professor
Dr. Azam Mesdaghinia, Pharmacology,Associated Professor
Sayyed Mojtaba Bani Taba,Physiology,Associated Professor
Dr. Abolfazl Arjmand,Neuroscience, Associated Professor
Dr. Mehdi Noureddini,Physiology,Associated Professor
Dr. Gholam Ali Hamidi,Physiology,Associated Professor
Dr. Hamid Reza Banafsheh, Pharmacology,Associated Professor
Dr. Gholamreza ghavi panje,Physiology,Associated Professor
Dr. Alireza Abed, Pharmacology,Associated Professor
Dr. Reza Daneshvar Kakhaki,neurology,Associated Professor
Dr. Ali Nazari Alam,Microbiology,Associated Professor
Dr. Mohammad Ali Saba,Pulmonology, Associated Professor 
Dr. Ahmad Talebian,pediatric Neurology,Associated Professor
Dr.masoud soheili, Applied Proteomics, Researcher

Research Center Facilities

There are also different labs from cell culture to Memory and learning, seizure, pain, cardiovascular system and neuroscience which provide some essential grants for validresearch projects.



Research Center address

 Physiology Research Center, Kashan University of Medical Sciences, Qotb‐e Ravandi Blvd, 8715988141, Kashan, Iran.



Head of research center: Dr. Mahmoud Salami Zavareh, Physiology, Full Professor
Email: (
Telephone: (00983155621157)