Research Areas

1.      Classification systems, clinical vocabulary, and terminology

2.      Data Management and Use

       - Data Collection and documentation

       - Statistics and data presentation

       - Performance Management and patient safety

       - Data reporting, interpretation and use

       - Research and epidemiology

       - Revenue and financial management

3.      Healthcare information systems

         Hospital information systems

         Electronic medical record

         Electronic health record

         Electronic patient record

         Informatics (medical informatics, nursing informatics, public health informatics, etc)

         E- health

         M- health

         Telemedicine and telehealth  

         Evidence Based Medicine

         Health care analytics

         Social Media in Health care

4.      Security and legal aspects of health information


Main Activities 

Main activities include:
Design and implementation of  research projects
Approval and dissemination and publication of research findings
Conducting fundamental research with the aim of expanding the knowledge boundaries
Expansion of scientific communication with national and international research centers

Other Activities

Organizing symposiums
Holding educational courses
Contributing to product-oriented projects