Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology and Oral Radiology Department


About Us

The department is a combination of three basic and important divisions of dentistry. The Oral medicine section is in charge of first hand patient assessment and complete oral and maxillofacial examination. The clinical examination is then followed Para clinical examination which is partly carried out by the Radiology division, which in turn is in charge of teaching all the techniques and diagnostics in Para clinic. Another division in charge of further Para clinical diagnosis is the Oral pathology, where specimens taken from different soft and hard tissue abnormalities are thoroughly examined and finally the differential diagnosis and treatment plans are determined. Here is where the perspective of a Health Care personnel is channeled to the students, as they often tend to forget the big picture and stick to minor treatments.


The members of this department follow a systematic education program provided by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education of Islamic Republic of Iran and the students will be recognized as certified Doctors Of Dental Surgery.

-To improve a supportive learning 
- Enhance curriculum with education developement based activities
Developing a systematic Diagnosis and treatment planning 
Complete Oral and Maxillofacial screening
Promote interdisciplinary communication
  • Acquiring and developing a talented, academic workforce
  • Discovering innovative ways in enhancing education development 
  • Collaborating with developed worldwide universities


The department is equipped with one examination clinic with 10 dental units. A separate radiology facility is also where all the radiographs are prescribed and acquired. The Oral pathology department is in cooperation with the pathology department of the University.

Structure of the education

The Undergraduate course of Dentistry is carried out in six years and students will begin their sepecific dental courses as one of the early courses in their education with this department, learning to thoroughly examine, diognose and come up with a treatment plan for the patient. Through out the years of education the students will accomplish many different courses with this department. The courses are a mixture of clinical, paraclinical and theorethical lessons, which are in term evaluated with practical and written exams. The education finishes with the Master thesis.

Faculty Members 
Mona Zavarei, M.D.(Oral and maxillofacial pathologist )
Yalda Elham , M.D. (Oral medicine specialist )
Faeze Mirjalili, M.D. (Oral and maxillofacial radiologist)
Head of Department
Address: 5th of Qotb –e Ravandi Blvd. P.O.Box: 8715988141, Kashan, IRAN
Tel:  +98-31-55620045
Fax: +98-31-55620045
Faculty Members