Nursing Department

About Us

The Department of  Nursing is one of departments in the School of nursing and midwifery. This department is established in 1986. Nursing department is responsible for teaching and training students in patient in various hospital and client's health in permary care centers. Different theoretical, practical and clinical courses are presented by the members of this department in bachelor degrees, master of science and Ph.D.


  • Promote community health specially womens and childs
  • Enhance curriculum in order to update of pedagogical approaches
  • Increase teaching collaborations within the department


- Enrich the teaching in practical and theoritical parts
- Carry out of researchs in field of midwifery and health
- Develop international education
- Develop virtual education

Research Interest Areas
Interested areas
1- Cardiac care unit
2- Emergency care nursing
3- Nursing in intensive care unit



The educational facilities of the department are includings moulage, anatomical model, mega code and advance molage for CPR procedure and ect in skill lab Center. This center include all procedure in field of nursing care. 

Faculty Members
Assistant Professor Safora yadolahi, Ph.D.




Asadeh Safa

Head of Department

Assistant professor Ismaeil Azizi Fini, Ph.D.
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