Health Technology Incubator Center

About Us

Health Technology Incubator Center of  Kashan University of  Medical Sciences (HTIC) Has been established in 2014 to help the prosperity of knowledge-based economy. The center hopes to play a major role in the growth and development and expansion of new industry and technologies and the formation and establishment of knowledge enterprise companies with the subject of medical biotechnology at the level of province and the country.  The main audiences of the Incubation Center are emerging cores at the stage of consolidating the ideas and moving in the direction of product production. The center seeks to help entrepreneurs transform ideas and results of research into marketable products. The most important activities of the center include providing support and guiding services such as educational services, establishing communication between technology units and governmental or nongovernmental organizations and helping to commercialize the research achievements of technology unit.


1- Improving medical technology at the medical, paramedical and pharmacy sciences

  • Supporting the multi-sector development of medical technology
  • Supporting the development of active units in the field of medical technology of the city
  • Helping for local economic prosperity based on medical technologies
  • Providing the conditions for commercialization of research achievements
  • Providing the conditions for entrepreneurship, supporting innovation and creativity of young researcher's forces
  • Providing favorable conditions for the growth of knowledge enterprise units and active technology in the field of medical technology of the city.
  • Providing the conditions for creating appropriate job opportunities for attracting entrepreneurs and graduates in the applied fields of medical sciences and technologies.

2- The production and development of products and technology processes that can be supplied to the market in the field of medicine


HTIC will build an ecosystem to incubate and support innovative ideas in the region to enact wealth and employment action through successful startups.

  • Create entrepreneurial opportunities for students, faculties and researchers.
  • Support technology entrepreneurship emerging technologies by marshaling the resource of HTIC.
  • Supporttechnology and knowledge-based ventures through their start-up phase by providing the necessary support.
  • Assist in commercialization of innovative ideas from students.


Createa vibrant and sustainable ecosystem on university campus for nurturing and enrichment of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship