Incubation and Innovation Center Supports

Supporting services

  1. Supporting and consultation of units for registration of intellectual property including domestic and international patent and brand registration
  2. Creating an appropriate office space for the activity of units - providing technical and specialized services including lab and workshop services
  3. Helping to the growth of cores and companies to consolidate the ideas and develop a business plan (BP) until the stage of establishment in the park.
  4. Supporting and consulting the units to register the company and become a knowledge enterprise company
  5. Helping to attract research projects in the field of unit activities and signing a contract with the employer
  6. Directing the research in line with moving towards product development
  7. Financing support of units in order to lead an idea to a product
  8. Introducing of units in order to utilize laboratories and hardware facilities in the city
  9. Marketing services and participation in exhibitions and techno-markets
  10. Technical and specialized services and research facilities