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عبارت خود را درج و جهت جستجو "Enter"را بفشارید

Since internationalization in the field of education and research has become an important priority of the world's universities, Kashan University of Medical Sciences has implemented a memorandums of understanding and contracted with prestigious international universities and organizations in order to create and expand bilateral cooperation. 
Field of cooperation:
- Implementation of educational, research and technological projects required up to the stage of explaining technical knowledge.
- Training of specialized human resources in the form of approved courses in different educational levels.
- Providing seminars, specialized courses and short-term training workshops. 
- Setting up educational and research centers and required technology
- Collecting and writing of scientific documents and their exchange.
- Arbitration, supervision and guidance of research projects between two universities.
- Holding short-term training courses in order to improve the scientific ability of experts and researchers of two universities by awarding valid certificates.
- Carrying out reciprocal scientific visits for students and professors, as well as exchange of professors and students.
Adjunct professors:
  • Professor Dr. Walter Swoboda
Research Professor at the Faculty of Health Management
Head of the DigiHealth Institute
Chairman of the Joint Ethics Committee of the Bavarian Universities (GEHBa)
  • Dr. Felix Holl
Research Associate for Digitization in Healthcare
  • professor Dr Uta M. Feser
Business and Economics from the Friedrich‐Alexander Universität, Erlangen‐Nürnberg
Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences




Visa application form for foreign experts & guests

A Guide to completing and sending the visa application form for foreign experts & guests:

Please, after downloading the visa application form for foreign experts and guests, fill out the form carefully and submit it to International Affairs as a Word file along with the scanned file of the colored page of the guest's passport and also written request of the host. In case of failure in completing the form and requested information, it is not possible to complete the visa issuance process.

 (Note: Applicants should fill the following form and send it to E-mail: iad@mohme.gov.ir )




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