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Biochemistry and Nutrition Research Center in Metabolic diseases

This center was established in the year 2013 in order to expand basic and applied researches and provide solutions in health care matters. The main goals of this center are as follows:


  • Developing and applying human knowledge in the fields of biochemistry and nutrition.
  • Conducting fundamental epidemiological and clinical research to enhance understanding and deliver healthcare services in the country, addressing the needs of the Islamic society.
  • Collecting, organizing, and categorizing documents, articles, and related materials for publication.
  • Training research personnel in the fields of biochemistry and nutrition.
  • Promoting and facilitating the employment of researchers.
  • Initiating efforts to engage and collaborate with relevant research and operational institutions within the country.
  • Establishing scientific collaborations with research and educational institutions in other countries and international organizations, in accordance with the laws and regulations of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran.



   - We aim to become a model of knowledge, innovation, and dynamism in biochemistry and    nutrition research, holding a credible and fitting position at the national level.



 The Biochemistry and Nutrition Research Center, as a premier institution, is tasked with institutionalizing knowledge dissemination, training competent and effective personnel, facilitating new research endeavors, supporting practical and productive initiatives in the realms of biochemistry and nutrition sciences within the healthcare system. By leveraging modern science and technology and engaging dedicated researchers with strong scientific acumen, our goal is to enhance societal health, continually elevate research quality, and foster innovation in research practices.

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