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Introduction of the Autoimmune Diseases Research Center

The Autoimmune Diseases Research Center (ARDC) related to Kashan University of Medical Sciences was approved as the second "Autoimmune Diseases Research Center” in Iran. It is also the first ARDC center in 7th region of provision in 2013.

The founding members include:

Dr. Batool Zamani

Dr. Ahmad Piroozmand

Dr. Kamal Esalat manesh

Dr. Abbas Arj

Dr. Neda Mirbagher Ajorpaz

Dr. Hossein Motedayyen

Dr. Seyyed Ali Masoud


- This center consists of two administrative and laboratory sections. The administrative section is located on the fourth floor of Kashan Shahid Beheshti Hospital.

- The research laboratory of autoimmune diseases is located on the ground floor of the comprehensive laboratory of the Research and Technology Deputy.

  1. Mission

Its missions include:

  1. -    Upgrading and improving the quality of research related to autoimmune diseases in the fields of prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and outcome.
  2. -    Training of specialized staff in the research field of autoimmune diseases
  3. -    Compilation of guidelines in the diagnosis and treatment of autoimmune diseases
  4. -    Continuous group effort to realize and develop facilities and research space in the fields of education and healthcare in the field of autoimmune diseases.
  5. -    Production of new information in order to raise awareness and provide the necessary information about the distribution of autoimmune diseases, their causes and how to deal with them.
  6. -     Active cooperation in raising the scientific status of Iran in international forums regarding autoimmune diseases.
  7. -    Active participation in reducing the occurrence of mortality and morbidity of autoimmune patients and increasing the quality of life of these patients through basic, applied and clinical research, increasing intergroup cooperation with national and international scientific-research centers.
  1. Vision

1.  To become the best, most reliable and active research center at the level of Isfahan province, Iran and Middle east by attracting the cooperation of interested and capable local and foreign researchers in the field of applied research and a development related to autoimmune diseases.

2.  Improving the health of society through research in the field of prevention and treatment of autoimmune patients with the cooperation of other research centers.

  1. Research lines
  1. Investigating the effect of nutritional and pharmaceutical supplements in order to control autoimmune diseases
  2. Assessing the role of genetic and immune factors affecting autoimmune diseases
  1. Research priorities of the ADRC
  1. Investigating the factors involved in the creation and development of autoimmune diseases
  2. Data collection and information registration system in the field of autoimmune diseases
  3. Carrying out effective plans in the field of food supplements and micronutrients, herbal medicines in autoimmune diseases
  4. Investigating the effects of corticosteroids and its side effects in autoimmune diseases
  5. Examining the relationship between genetic factors and autoimmune diseases
  1. The main goals of ADRC
  1. Quantitative and qualitative improvement of research projects in the center of autoimmune diseases.
  2. Quantitative and qualitative increase of the scientific productions of the ADRC
  3. Obtaining definitive approval for ADRC

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