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Gametogenesis Sciences Research Center

In recent decades, despite the increasing statistics of infertility and the important role of this issue in the population and increasing the young workforce, research in the field of infertility has gained special importance. Progress in this field is not possible except with the collective effort and serious support of the relevant ministry officials, universities and research centers. Obviously, the cost and attention in this area, investment to help the problems related to fertility and gametogenesis will have important results for the society.

In order to expand basic and applied researches and provide solutions in health-treatment matters in the Basic Science Research Center in 12/12/87, it was approved in principle by the Development Council of Medical Sciences Universities of the Ministry of Health. The founders of this center felt the need for an area to conduct applied research and exchange opinions in the field of molecular and clinical research.


Gametogenesis Research Center, as a leading center in line with the goals of Kashan University of Medical Sciences, is responsible for institutionalizing knowledge, training skilled and efficient personnel, supporting the conduct of new researches, supporting practical and productive activities in the field of gametogenesis, and assisting in treatment. Infertility in the health system, with the use of modern science and technology and committed researchers with high scientific ability, with the aim of improving the health of society, continuous improvement of quality and innovation in research activities.


We try for this goal that we will be a model of knowledge, innovation and dynamism in research related to infertility and gametogenesis to have a valid and appropriate position at the level of national research.


1- Respect for human dignity in research related to the health of society members

2- Paying attention to the basic health needs of society in the field of infertility and gametogenesis

3- Honoring the high position of researcher and research

4- Participation and responsibility

5- Improving the level of scientific knowledge and skills and empowering employees

6- Creativity and innovation

7- Team work

8- Continuous quality

Top research priorities as approved by the Research Council:

1- Research on cancers related to the organs involved in gamet production

2- Investigation of molecular and environmental factors affecting male and female infertility

3- Examining plant compounds and nano products on the control of cancers related to the reproductive system

Gametogenesis Research Center research lines:

1- Research in the field of cancers related to the reproductive system

2- Research in the field of genetic and epigenetic factors affecting infertility

3- Self-sufficiency and research in the field of producing kits, consumables and culture media used in infertility centers







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