today : Jul 19 2024


عبارت خود را درج و جهت جستجو "Enter"را بفشارید

The phenomenon of globalization brings many opportunities and challenges for countries; In the meantime, due to Iran's special geographical and historical featurs,
which have placed it in a cultural and civilizational intersection in the world, It has always had extensive connections with different nations of the world throughout
its history, which is mainly affected by
Iran's strategic location.
Due to its long history of civilization and culture, Iran has a very high capacity to influence global trends. Cultural aspects and Iranian civilization have always had
significant effects, which show the very high capacity of Iranian culture to preserve itself and even influence the
culture of other nations.

- Introduction of Islamic and Iranian civilization
- Organizing training courses in the field of cultural skills, arts and handicrafts
- Holding national and religious ceremonies
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