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Introduction to the Health Information Management Research Center (HIMRC)

The Health Information Management Research Center (HIMRC) affiliated with Kashan University ‎of Medical Sciences was established in March 7, 2015‎‏ ‏based on the resolution issued in the two ‎hundred and forty fifth session of the Council for Development ‎of Medical Universities. The ‎mission, vision, values and beliefs of the Health Information Management Research Center of ‎Kashan University of Medical Sciences are as follows‏:‏


As a pioneering center, the Health Information Management Research Center at Kashan ‎University of Medical Sciences is committed to conducting knowledge-based and applied ‎research in the health and medical fields to advance community health and produce science. ‎The center's mission is to leverage its skilled and committed human resources to manage ‎health ‎information systems and produce cutting-edge research. HIMRC is responsible for ‎providing ‎ innovative ‎ and high-quality information to support basic and applied initiatives ‎aimed at ‎promoting ‎various health systems. By facilitating important and useful policy and decision-‎making, the ‎center strives to make a significant contribution to the field of health information ‎management.


Our goal is to become the top-ranked health information management research center by ‎leveraging ‎our scientific and active workforce, strengthening our collaborations with both domestic ‎and ‎international centers, executing national and international projects to advance health ‎information ‎management and technology, and fostering interdisciplinary joint research efforts.

Values and Beliefs

Improving the quality of health information and championing innovative ideas is of utmost ‎importance. Essential community health requirements in the realm of information management ‎must be prioritized. The supreme status of the researcher and research must be respected ‎at all ‎times. Strict adherence to research ethics is non-negotiable, and the confidentiality of ‎information ‎must always be safeguarded. These values and principles are fundamental and must be upheld ‎without exception.‎

Research Priorities

The Health Information Management Research Center has set clear research priorities that demand ‎attention. These priorities include the design, evaluation, and implementation of cutting-edge health ‎information technology systems, such as mobile applications, electronic health records, decision ‎support systems, social networks, intelligent health information technology systems, digital health, ‎machine learning, and computer vision. Moreover, the center aims to develop management ‎dashboards, self-care systems for chronic patients, and evaluate health information systems and ‎software applications in the health system. Additionally, the ‎center is interested in the management, ‎analysis, and visualization of health data, disease and ‎health outcome registration systems, data ‎mining, analysis and visualization. Finally, the center ‎also focuses on classification systems, clinical ‎vocabularies, and terminologies such as disease ‎coding, procedure coding, and reimbursement ‎systems‏.‏

Founding Board Members

  • Dr. Mehrdad Farzandipour
  • Dr. Zahra Meidani
  • Dr. Mohsen Arbabi
  • Dr. Fatemeh Rangraz Jeddi
  • Dr. Seyed Alireza Moravveji
  • Dr. Ali Kebriaei

Head of the Center

  • Dr. Mehrdad Farzandipour

Vice-Head of the Center

  • Dr. Fatemeh Rangraz Jeddi

Supreme Council of the Center

  • Dr. Kourosh Saki

Chancellor of Kashan University of Medical Sciences

Associate Professor of Psychiatry

  • Dr. Gholamali Hamidi

Research Vice Professor of KAUMS

Professor of Physiology

  • Dr. Mahdi Delavari

Health Vice Chancellor of KAUMS

Associate Professor of Medical Parasitology 

  • Dr. Mehrdad Farzandipour

Head of the HIMRC

Professor of Health Information Management

  • Dr. Fatemeh Rangraz Jeddi

Founding Member of the HIMRC

Professor of Health Information Management

  • Dr. Zahra Meidani

Founding Member of the HIMRC

Professor of Health Information Management

  • Dr. Seyed Alireza Moravveji

Founding Member of the HIMRC

Professor of Community Medicine

Contact Us

Phone number:

031-55589373 ext: 3598


Pezeshk Blvd, Qotb–e Ravandi Blvd, Kashan University of Medical Sciences, Allied Medical Sciences Faculty‎, Health Information Management Research Center




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