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Introduction and history of Trauma Nursing Research Center

Trauma is a leading cause of early death and disability in world. The city of Kashan is located in the north of Isfahan province, near one of the busiest freeways that connect north to the south of the country. So the victims of motor vehicle accidents are frequently managed in the hospitals affiliated to Kashan University of Medical Sciences. The incidence of trauma has been 70.6 (62.6-78.7) in 1000 inhabitants of Kashan city annually, that shows the high rate. In this context the Trauma Nursing Research Center was stablished in 2013 in Kashan University of Medical Sciences.

The aims of the Trauma Nursing Research Center:

1- Conducting applied research in the field of nursing care of trauma patients.
2- Development of scientific communication inside and outside of the country with other research centers and experts in the field of trauma.
3- Training of nurses in the field of caring for trauma patients.
4- Improving the quality of nursing care for trauma patients.
5- Providing evidence-based materials in all areas of trauma including prevention, pre-hospital and hospital management and rehabilitation of trauma patients.
The research priorities:
These research priorities have been approved in 2023.
1- Assessment of trauma prevention standards/ methods, and enhancing safe behaviors in different populations at risk (drivers of the public and private vehicles, youth and teenagers, workers of the factories, and construction workers.
2- Investigating the quality of management of trauma patients in the pre-hospital area
  1. Investigating pain control of the injured in the pre-hospital area
    -   Investigating the quality of transfer of trauma patients in the pre-hospital area
    -   Investigating the monitoring of trauma patients in the pre-hospital area
    3- Investigating the epidemiology and etiology of trauma in Kashan region periodically
    4- Investigating the quality of nursing care for trauma patients in hospital emergency
    5- Investigating trauma due to domestic incidents in Kashan city
    6- Investigation trauma due to domestic violence in Kashan city
    7- Investigating the quality of rehabilitation in trauma patients
    8- Investigating the quality of nursing care in trauma patients in hospital wards
    9- Investigating the effects of palliative care on the control of symptoms of trauma patients
    10- Investigating the outcomes of trauma patients (Recovery, disability, or death)
    11- Investigating the impact of environmental safety measures on the incidence of trauma in Kashan city
    12- Investigating the effect of complementary medicine on physical and mental health of trauma patients and their caregivers
    13- Implementing nursing models in trauma patients
    14- Investigating mental traumas in nurses during crisis.
    15- Compliance with professional ethics of nurses in caring for trauma patients
    16- Qualitative studies in the elderly under psychological and physical trauma
    17- Designing scales and instruments and psychometrics of different tools in the evaluation of trauma patients
    Research lines of the center
    1- Prevention of trauma
    2- Pre-hospital management of trauma patients
    3- Different traumas:
    Intentional/Unintentional, domestic trauma, psychological/social/physical trauma, Occupational trauma, violence/terroristic attacks, sport injuries, motor vehicle accident, environmental hazards
    4- Trauma in elderly
    5- Trauma management in emergencies
    6- Resuscitation of trauma patients
    7- Rehabilitation of trauma patients
    8- Patient and family education of trauma patients
    9- Nursing process in trauma
    Services providing for the community
    -   Holding educational seminars and workshops
    -   Providing continuous education courses for nurses 
    -   Designing pamphlets and educational materials for prevention of the trauma
    -   Writing educational booklets for trauma patients
    The scientific members of trauma Nursing research center 
    -   Dr Negin Masoudi Alavi (The head of the center)
    -   Dr Mohsen Adib-Hajbaghry
    -   Dr Zohreh Sadat
    -   Dr Masoumeh Abedzadeh
    -   Dr Zahra Tagharobi
    -   Dr Mohsen Taghadosi
    -   Dr Azadeh Safa
    The activities of Trauma Nursing Research Center in 2023
    -   11 research projects 
    -   10 workshops 
    -   4 Journal clubs 
    -   1 international congress
    -   More than 70 original articles have been published with the affiliation of the center  
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