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kashan university of dentistry


Based on the vote issued in the 220th meeting of the Council of Medical Sciences Universities dated 91/11/8, a definite agreement was reached with the establishment of the Faculty of Dentistry in Kashan University of Medical Sciences. The first dental school of Kashan was launched on 13th of Bahman of 2012, at the same time as the days of the Deha Fajr, and with the admission of 35 students in this city.


Course length and system form:

The length of the general dental doctorate course is 6 years. The courses of this course are in three parts: general courses, basic science courses and special courses and are presented in three stages:


First stage: All general courses and basic sciences and 8 units of special courses and passing the comprehensive exam of basic sciences

Second stage: Passing at least 180 units from the courses and passing the dental comprehensive exam

The third stage: completion of the courses and defense of the thesis



The total course units of this course are 217 units and are as follows:

24 units of general courses

Basic science courses 39 credits

Compulsory special courses of 150 units

Optional special courses 4 units (out of 30 available units)


Educational groups:

Kashan Faculty of Dentistry has 10 teaching groups (oral and maxillofacial pathology, orthodontics, endodontics, oral and maxillofacial diseases, restorative, periodontics dental prostheses, oral and maxillofacial surgery, oral and dental radiology, children's dentistry) and There are 21 faculty members.


Special clinic of the Faculty of Dentistry:

The special dental clinic of the Faculty of Dentistry in Kashan with an infrastructure of 2500 square meters and a cost of 55 billion Rials from the University's funds was opened in the presence of the Acting Minister of Health, Treatment and Medical Education Mr. Dr. Namaki on Friday, 97/12/11.

The special clinic of the Faculty of Dentistry has an educational and therapeutic aspect, and students receive the necessary training in various fields. In this clinic, all medical services are provided to people at the government rate.


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