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Kargarnejad Hospital

The treating Akhavan hospital has been in use since 1955. Since 2013 the hospital was moved to a new location and new name (Kargarnejad Hospital). Now the hospital has an area of ​​6600 square meters on two floors.
The Psychiatric Hospital was established in1991 on the site of a hospital that was previously an internal ward and did not comply with psychiatric standards, called the Akhavan Hospital, which initially included a men's psychiatric ward with 19 beds and a women's psychiatric ward with 20 beds. A small section of 8 beds was added as a men's emergency.

It should be noted that from the very beginning, the instability of the hospital due to the age of the  building and non-standard psychiatric hospital, made officials to consider building a new standard center.

Thus, with the encouragement of Mr. Javad Kargarnejad, the university started the project of building a 101-bed psychiatric hospital in 2005. This hospital was built next to Shahid Beheshti Hospital to be close to the General Hospital.

In November 2012, the hospital was transferred to a new center and Mr. Javad Kargarnejad Psychiatric Hospital was inaugurated in the presence of the Minister of Health and medical education.

This hospital is built on a land with an area of ​​about 6600 square meters and in two floors. The ground floor includes medical and paraclinical wards and units, and the first floor includes administrative and support units.

Bed capacity: 101
Available Bed: 77.

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